The monamore design studio is known for New Nordic Design – sculptural objects for modern living. Owned by Lise Damsager Hansen and based in Copenhagen. Please do visit if you happen to be in the neighbourhood.

New Nordic Design

In Scandinavia summers are light and breezy while winters and long and dark. We spend a lot time in our homes surrounding ourselves with products that combine functionality with a love of sculpture and texture that reflects the hues of the open skies, oceans and forests that surround us.

Aesthetic & Minimalism

Danish Design is known for its aesthetic and simple functionalism. monamore combines Danish Design ideals with a mix of shapes and expressions inspired by our Nordic surroundings with just a hint of Japanese Zen.


A monamore key value is respect for refined craftsmanship and quality of materials. In the design process idea, material, function and methods of ethic production goes hand in hand. The interaction between different materials is important for the total expression. The soft warm colours of wood, the dark smooth concrete and the different tones of refined porcelain. Smooth soft surface that invites your finger tips to touch…